Remember to Listen to the Music

Like most people in the world, I am a fan of music. I suppose that is a bit like saying that I enjoy food.

Many times I will realize that I have not been listening to music in a while. This will typically happen when a song playing during my workout at the gym will jog my memory regarding some group I loved during the 80s or some video I loved when MTV actually showed videos. I did not mean to make a pun about jogging, but there it is. That is of course one of the common old people complaints that folks like to repeat. We also like to talk about the price of stamps and how no one writes letters anymore. Well that might be the generation older than mine but I am not sure.

Recently I was working hard on the old elliptical machine when a song by Ronnie James Dio entitled “Hungry for Heaven” came on the radio. I was on pace for a personal best when the personal trainer changed the channel. Perhaps my screaming along with the song was a bit much. I was also throwing the rock horns. This experience did cause me to go home and listen to some other music of this period while taking care of some emails and other work on the computer.

It is amazing to me how You Tube takes my one or two song choices and ends up coming up with a list of about 100 songs that I love. I do not use my I Pod and I am not sure why. I suppose I should stop carrying around my Walkman and boom box sometime soon. My son started getting into vinyl a couple of years ago, perhaps I just need to be patient and things such as the 8 track and cassette will come back around. Also what is up with the long basketball shorts and the short socks. The cool style is of course the short shorts and the sock over the knees styles that myself and my peers enjoyed in the 80s. Sorry about that I think I may have lapsed into an old guy rant again.

While at work I will occasionally have some music going while I am doing some paper work. I do need to pay attention as some of my students have found it funny to walk into my office and hear me jamming out and getting funky. Also I work in a Catholic school and I am not sure if some of the AC DC or Motley Crue would be a good fit for the setting. Then again the Crue was urging people to shout at the devil, not with him.